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Starr gone by Kim Briggs (Starr fall #3)

For all those romance junkies, those who search for any worship every couple even when they are reading a sci-fi novel; may i recommend to you Starr fall series; this one will definetly satisfy your expectation and leave you wanting more.

He lifts my chin, so we’re face to face. “Yes, I did. Di, I know the day of the shooting I told Starr I was in love with her, and I was, but it wasn’t the all-consuming obsession it was back home. Ever since our bus ride down south, I’ve been thinking about someone other than Starr, someone who has become her own person, someone I enjoy spending time with, someone who is the exact opposite of Starr in many ways, that someone is you, Di. I am crazy for you, and it is not the Florence Nightingale complex—that I promise you.”

Right after talking to Kim Briggs, i knew that I am going to love these series; she’s just so friendly and loving, I couldn’t help but love her.

But now back to the book!


The series talks about a perfect blond girl who had everything figured out, great best friends, family, a planned future, but when a mysterious organization decided that Starr is their best recruit; everything fall apart.

In book 3; Starr releaze that not all her friends actually love her, some of them do of course, but others would do anything to get rid of her.

With her little team by her side, she tries to fight the organization, but with so many shocked events, she’s not sure that she can win, not anymore; specially when the general and her grandparents are on the same side.


the action is this part is way more than i can take; as i said I am a romance junky, so my favorite book is still the second one, but book 3 is just as  perfect.

No one has ever declared his feelings to me. No one has ever spoken to me with such unbridled honesty. My face, my neck burn with fire. A fire I cannot hide. A fire I cannot extinguish. I don’t trust myself to speak. How could I? I nod like an idiot.

just reading about the whole team, acting together to not only save star, but to save each other too; it’s just so satisfying.

the book has so many plot twist that my mind couldn’t process i had to read some pargraphs twice to get into it, and not in a bad way; defintely not a bad way , I had fun reading it !

At least they’ve confirmed where I stand…in the back pasture, ankle deep in horse manure. Oh wait, that’s not right. I’d smell like shit. I’m a china doll to be placed in a vacuum-sealed glass case on the very top of the tallest shelf to collect dust and grow fragile from lack of use.

I don’t think i can talk more without spoiling the series, so i guess that’s it :))

-Nada xxox





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